Fileconvert is a Free and flexible DOS program that allows you to perform all sorts of file conversions by using text based templates that define how the input should be read and the output produced.

The program comes complete with quickconvert that is a simple dos based menu interface providing an easy access for performing some common tasks...

  • Convert File(S) from Unix to DOS Format
  • Convert File(S) from DOS to Unix Format
  • Perform a Search and Replace
  • Perform a Fast Search and Replace (for large files)
  • Perform a Search
  • Read an XML File, Flatten and output as HTML
  • Read an XML File, Flatten and output as TEXT
  • Extract Distinct Values from a Delimited File
  • Compare two text filesT
  • Remove Duplicate Records from a text file
  • Produce ASCII Code to [dec] report
  • Sort a Text File

Click here to Download FileDiff (or right-click and select save target as)
To install fileconvert, simply unzip the file into a directory of your choice (i.e: c:\Program Files\Fileconvert).

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