Database Export/Import Utility

An easy to use application for performing the following database tasks

  • Export/Import data between Oracle, DB2, SQLServer and PostgreSQL  Databases (automatically detects table dependancies (Foreign Keys))

  • Export Meta data from a Databases and then uses it to generate a delta script that takes into account all database dependancies

  • Query generator to generating SELECT statements for joining multiple tables

  • Import Text Files into a Database Table

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This Free command line utility produces a differences report by comparing 2 text files and additionally provides several interesting features. 

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Fileconvert is a Free and flexible DOS program that allows you to perform all sorts of file conversions by using text based templates that define how the input should be read and the output produced. 

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RIVIT and Clever Daddy

Both of these products are now replaced with the DBEI Utilty.

Other Products
Novel hosting solution that takes away the hassle of maintaining a server. Store/create databases, websites, photos, News Feeds etc.
  • API for Developers
  • Data encrypted
  • Create guest user accounts