This Free command line utility produces a differences report by comparing 2 text files and additionally provides several interesting features:

Input files should be data files (with delimited fields). The first field will be treated as the key field (so this should be unique).

Output will show records on file 1 that are not in file 2 and visa-versa. Output will show differences between records are field level (ie: Field 2 different on record …). Both file 1 and file 2 values will be shown in the output.

utility also allows for basic temp file comparison reports.

Output types supported

  • Text (Tab Delimited) Output
  • HTML Output
  • CSV Output (Comma-seperated)
  • CSV Output (Semi-colon-seperated)
  • SQL Output (see below).

Click here to Download FileDiff (or right-click and select save target as)

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